Streamus ByPasser

Don't waste your time with link shorteners, use Streamus ByPasser.

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Streamus ByPasser is a Extension Developed by Edu Olivares To use Streamus ByPasser you will need a Browser that Support Google extensions, like Brave, Opera, or Chrome. Once your Browser Supports Google Extensions Download Streamus ByPasser. Now just wait when you click on a link, and you will see the magic of Streamus

Anti IP Logger

Putting aside that Streamus ByPasser eliminates link shorteners, one of its star functions is the power to block IP Loggers, a type of links that track you and extract information from you.

Fast and safe

Streamus ByPasser is Fast And Safe for all, it has all the regulations in correct condition. Besides being fast and without ads


* Currently we do not accept donations, in the future there will be changes.